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The King of Puddings – Second Edition

We are delighted to announce the launch of the second limited edition of The King of Puddings. The first edition has now sold out.

With a red cover and new illustrations, the second edition has the same glitter hand-finish and content: histories, recipes and even a riddle.


You can order yours in our shop.

For wholesale or bookstore enquires please visit our wholesale page.

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The King of Puddings

A small book about Christmas Puddings
A small book about Christmas Puddings

The King of Puddings gives us a taste of the incredibly rich stories behind the traditional Christmas Pudding, taking us on a journey around the world and through history. This small book introduces us to a taste of the rich cultural and natural history that goes into the pudding with each ingredient. We meet kings and paupers, discover medicinal secrets and trace the trade routes and empires that have shaped our world – and our Christmas traditions. Truly the Christmas Pudding – love it or hate it – is the King of Puddings.

Order your copies online here.

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About the Author

Angela Dixon is a former lecturer and journalist. As a volunteer guide at Kew Gardens, she has broadcast on BBC Radio and Television on the botanical ingredients of the Christmas Pudding.

Book Information

A SpiderBooks Publication
ISBN 978-0-9561084-0-1
40pp B/W on ivory paper, Saddle-stitched
14.5cm square
Hand-finished limited edition with glitter



  • Introduction
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Grapes
  • Nuts
  • Oranges & Lemons
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Holly
  • A Recipe for Christmas Pudding
  • Mrs Beeton’s Plum Pudding (Very Good)
  • Scripture Pudding: A Riddle
  • Some Sources & Further Reading
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if I – a book of animal poems

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What if I were a….? This is a menagerie of animal poems by Rob Clucas-Tomlinson in a limited edition handmade book, with handdrawn ink illustrations by Sarah Dixon.

The print Edition is SOLD OUT but you can download the digital edition here for 99p.

Future editions are in progress.

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The Troodos and the Prodromos

The Troodos and the Prodromos
A wall frieze for children, about the formation of the island of Cyprus

This is a frieze publication of “The Troodos and the Prodromos”, a humorous poem about the formation of the island of Cyprus, written by Giles Dixon whilst living on the island in the seventies. It is now in its second edition.

Printed on quality textured cream board, the frieze is a metre long when fully extended, and 20cm high.  ISBN 978-0-956108418

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To place a request for the Troodos and Prodromos frieze, please make an enquiry here:

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The Lonely Troll

the lonely troll
…the loneliest troll in all of London – kind, thoughtful, uncommonly courteous, but a troll, nonetheless, and everyone was wary of trolls.

Long ago in London town, beneath Kew Bridge, there lived a troll. Not an angry troll with a gruffly roar and a smelly coat and an old pair of boots where his toes poked through, but a pleasant troll who combed his hair and tipped his hat at passers-by. Beneath that troll, the river ran, the grand old Thames where the herons fished. The herons, still as water fountains, stood all day, waiting for fish to wriggle into their beaks. But as they toiled the old troll slept, waiting for the night air to tickle his senses.

Because it was then, when the stars appeared and the moon set forth to keep the city from falling into darkness, that he woke and stretched and smoothed his beard and sat upon the bridge to think.


Download The Lonely Troll e-book
Download The Lonely Troll e-book

The Lonely Troll is a story by Rob Clucas-Tomlinson in three volumes, illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown.

Order a handmade print copy for £7.99 

Download the e-book for £0.39

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Exporting Made Easy

A handy guide to starting in export
A handy guide to starting in export

SpiderBooks has launched a business book “Exporting Made Easy”, a clear and simple guide for goods as well as service businesses on how to go about selling and operating in new territories.

Spider Books designed the book in collaboration with authors Simon Bedford and Giles Dixon to make a clear work that is easy to read and will tie in very well with the current efforts to boost the economy by encouraging exports from the UK.

For full details and to order in print and ebook formats, visit


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Ro and the Little Dog

Ro and The Little Dog is a collage book with a story for children about Ro and a little dog that wanted to travel with her. She warns the dog that it will be hard to keep up and fills his head with ideas. Available as a digital download for 99p.

Ro and The Little Dog - a story to download for children
Ro and The Little Dog – Cover


There was a young lady called Ro
There was a young lady called Ro Who wanted to know How far she could go


A short story book to download for children
Ro warns the dog of what will happen at the ends of the earth